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Welcome to our frequently asked questions page!

If you have a different question that has not been answered about our party rentals, please reach out!

Do we deliver?

Yes, we sure do!

There is a delivery fee added to your rental contract if you are not local to the 92065 zip code. The delivery fee can fluctuate depending on your order size and your location. The base minimum order fee is $20.00.

is there an order minimum?

Yes, there is a minimum order for all of our rentals. Our minimum is $150.00. Which means if you are only renting a peacock chair for $65.00, you might want to think about adding another item, so you are not losing out on the $85.00. 

Is there a deposit or reservation fee needed?

Yes! In order to lock in your date and secure the items that you want, you will need to put a percentage down in order to complete your reservation. The percentage that you put down is non-refundable BUT it will go towards your order total and show as a deduction from your balance that is due.  

Is there a rental contract?

Yes! Once you have contacted us about renting items and have reserved your date and items with the deposit, you will receive a rental contract via email. This contract must be completely filled out, signed, and returned via email within 24 hours after receiving it. Which means there are TWO parts to your booking. If the second part is not completed and sent back to us, then your booking is not secured and finalized.

What if I need to cancel?

A minimum of 1 weeks' notice- (7 days) before your event date is required to cancel a reservation. Otherwise, you will NOT get your rental deposit back. This means that if you have made payments to us, you will NOT be receiving a refund if you decide to cancel and your event is within 7 days of trying to cancel. For example, if your event is on the 8th of the month and you call to cancel the 3rd of the month, you will be forfeiting your deposit because you only gave us a 5 days notice. Or you can reschedule your event date in the near future and your deposit is still valid for your rescheduled event.

Can I add more items once I have reserved my date and items?

Yes, you most definitely can! You can add items whenever you want, as long as the items are available on the date you have reserved. The sooner you reserve items the better, due to limited availability and items tend to go fast!

What forms of payment are accepted?

We only accept card payments through our Quickbooks invoicing system. The invoice goes directly to your email, it's like purchasing something online! If you would like to pay with cash or Venmo, we can discuss in further detail.

Is there a late pick up fee?

There is no fee for picking up your rentals because that is included with your purchase. There is a late pick-up fee applied to your order for pick-ups done after hours. Our working hours are from 8am PST to 8pm PST Monday through Sunday. If you need your rental items picked up after 8:00pm, there will be a fee of $30.00. For example, if your event ends at 10:30pm and everything needs to be out of the venue that night, then you will need to pay the additional after-hours late pick-up fee, since your items needed to be picked up at a certain time after business hours.

do you have items in stock?

We sure do! Take a look at our inventory to see what we have. You can always contact us with questions about items and their availability. 

What if my guests or  myself damage your rentals?

Unfortunately we would both suffer from this incident. These are my rentals that I spend my heart, soul, and MANY long hours to make. You unfortunately will be charged and held accountable for any damages that have happened. That is why we sign a rental contract, so both parties do not have to worry or question about who deals with what.

How long do I get to use the picnic table services?

For the whole day if you would like! We will set a time frame for delivery and pick-up that is within our business hours. 

How long do I get to use the stylish slumber party services?

For 24 hours. Unless otherwise discussed.

How long do I get to use the Backdrop and accessories services?

We will set a time frame for delivery and pick-up that is within our business hours or contract. 

How  many tables or other items do you have in stock?

Take a peek at the inventory page, but if the quantity isn't listed on the picture, please feel free to call or email us to ask. 

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