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Exclusive Services

Stylish Slumber Parties

Let their imagination come to life! There is nothing better than having a sleep over with all of your friends. Having your own personalized tent theme and all of the cute accessories to go along with it. Camping in style! 


Picnic Table gatherings

Stunning and Memorable! We take care of the small but impressionable and tedious details, so that you can focus on the important stuff. Such as being in the moment and not worrying about set-up. Whatever the gathering may be, I am here to make your event unforgettable. This will create a wonderful and unique experience for your guests and yourself. Who wouldn't love a relaxing picnic by the beach, a park, or a backyard social event in the comfort of your own home?


backdrops + Sweet Heart Tables & accessories

Lively and Fun! The small things matter and you can add a little extra to your event, to make it that much better! Who doesn't love an accent piece to make your pictures stunning? Check out the inventory page to see what we have.


bounce houses

Jump around! In a pastel pink or blue bounce house. We'll take care of the hard stuff! Relax and let the kids (and responsible adults) jump around to get their energy out, inside some of the cutest bouncy houses around! All you need to do is add some balloons for the finishing touch!

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